DIY Baby Socks Bouquet Flower Arrangement

There is nothing so sweet as tiny baby feet however sometimes those precious piggies need covering with baby socks. Make this pretty Baby Socks Rose Bud Flower Bouquet plan for a beautiful and useful shower present or centerpiece.

A bouquet of baby sock roses is a cute method to provide them to an expecting mama. A few rolls and a basic twist and prior to you understand it you will have made a pile of increased buds. Use them to produce a corsage, a present topper or fill a little container or flower pot with an arrangement.

I utilized 8 set of baby socks to make 16 roses for the child socks increased bud flower bouquet.


  • Infant socks. For infant women, the ones with a ruffled cuff are cute
  • yarn or 1/8-inch ribbon in matching or contrasting color
  • pop sticks in wanted length
  • container for plan (small bucket, flower pot, vintage infant plant holder)
  • baby’s breath (Gypsophila) or other genuine or silk flowers or leaves.
  • floral foam.
  • tissue paper, gift turf to cover flower foam.


  1. Raise the cuff and flatten the sock.
  2. Beginning at the toe edge, softly roll to the top of the sock.
  3. Take the leading edge and turn it over onto the roll.
  4. Mess a little till you have your desired flower shape. You can gently pull the center to form a longer center or smooch it a little for a flatter blossom.
  5. Turning the sock rose over, nudge the stick in, taking care not to push upward too far.
  6. Take a 10-inch piece of yarn and tie a small bow; trim if wanted. Your could use thin ribbon in matching or a contrasting color.
  7. Floral tape is another alternative but I did not desire to use it on the socks and I did not desire the green proving.
  8. Fill your container with floral foam cut to fit.
  9. I utilized a piece of tissue paper to cover the foam but Easter yard would work too.
  10. Utilizing a skewer to make a pilot hole in the foam, insert each sock rose.
  11. Embed silk leaves, flowers or baby’s breath to fill in any spaces.