Baby Shower Games – Measure Mommy’s Belly

Step mommy’s belly or B is for Belly, lets you get up close and personal with the special guests bump. Think mommy stomach size child shower game is among those long standing conventional shower games that has endured the test of time. Individuals are frequently captivated with a female’s baby bump.

I need to caution you though that not all females like to be prodded and touched and determined so be sure that mommy is comfy with having her stomach measure before playing this game.

You will need:

  • bathroom tissue, ribbon, string or determining tape
  • game cards or pen and paper

How to play the mommy’s stomach game

Pass around rolls of bathroom tissue, yarn or any determining product you select to use. Tell all the visitors that they ought to take as much as they think will fit around mommy’s stomach. The hostess will then determine mommy’s stomach herself and compare it to those of the visitors. The individual that has the closest measurement of mommy’s tummy size is the winner.