Baby Socks Guessing Game

Commemorating the approaching arrival of a child is a fantastic reason for friends, family, and coworkers to get together. Baby showers might have when been an American custom, however considering that they’re a lot fun, they’re getting a growing number of popular in the UK. Keep celebration spirits high with some of our inspiring ideas for baby shower games.

One of the popular baby shower game is “Guess how many baby socks in the bottle”. Here are the instructions how to get this going.

Get like 5 pair of the tiny newborn fuzzy socks– which makes 10 specific socks amount to. Get small items to put within and connect off with a curly ribbon or rubber band. Number the socks with a tag where you connected them off.

Put them all in an adorable basket or bowl. Hide things within each sock like a peanut, paperclip, cent, lifesaver, pinto bean, rice, Cheerios, hairpin, eraser, etc. Hand out paper to each visitor with a number list to 10.

They will write their guess next to each number according to which sock they were testing out of the basket. Whoever guesses the most wins a reward!

An alternate to this game is using larger baby associated products and sticking them in manila envelopes. Either way you have a good time!