Super Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Games – Part Two

Commemorating the upcoming arrival of a baby is an excellent factor for friends, household, and coworkers to get together. Have a look at our inspiring infant shower video game ideas to make the shower one to keep in mind. Inspect out our tool to find out more about what you’ll need and how to play each game.

If your shower has a theme, you’re on the ideal track. However if you’re still in the early preparation stages, some of these ideas may help you pick your celebration’s personality. Click a game type listed below to find fun video game concepts.

Guess the Infant Food

Do you have any concept what that food you fed to your baby tasted like? Well, now’s your chance to discover with this excellent bay food tasting baby shower game. Get a selection of containers of infant food, get rid of the labels, and number the lids so that you can tell which one is which.

Then, everybody at the party gets a taste of ten different baby foods and needs to think what flavor each one is. The person who gets the most flavors right is the winner of a baby shower game prize.

Dirty Diaper Game

The baby shower game will earn out most mamas, even when you know what it is that’s really in the diapers. Buy a choice of chocolate sweet bars. Some with nuts, some with caramel, some dark chocolate, and some milk chocolate.

The more colors and textures you have, the better this game will be. Then, melt each of the chocolate bars slightly and put the gooey mess inside a diaper.

You can then pass the diapers round for each person to have a smell and a taste and, the visitor who guesses the most brands of chocolate poop properly, is the winner.

Infant Drink up race

This is an amusing baby shower game for adults only, co-ed, baby showers, and those to which the kids are invited too. Fill up some baby bottles with drinks; beers for the mums and dads and juice for the kids, then hand round the bottles to your guests.

Provide a countdown of three, and then everyone needs to drain their bottled dry as fast as they can. The very first person to finish their bottle, without choking, is the winner!

Blindfold Diaper Modification

This one is a really simple baby shower game, but one that generally ends with some humorous results. You’ll require some life size infant dolls so, if you do not have any of your own, ask around your pals before the child shower and inquire to bring theirs.

The concept of the game is simple, you simply blindfold each guest in turn and they then have to put a diaper on the doll. The visitor who can do the finest fitting diaper in the shortest quantity of time is the one who wins a reward.

Feed the Baby Blindfolded

Do not panic; we’re not talking about feeding a real baby blindfolded, but messy infant shower games are often the very best! This child shower game is more than simply a little untidy, however, so be alerted.

Split your visitor into teams of two people, and offer each group with a jar of baby food, two small infant spoons and 2 bibs.

One team at a time, each pair will be blindfolded and they have to feed each other the infant food as quick as they can. The team that clears their jar of baby food in the fastest time are the winners.